Autel OTOFIX BT1 Lite OBDII VCI Battery & Electrical System Analyzer 

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2 OTOFIX Battery Tester: OTOFIX BT1 Lite Autel OTOFIX BT1 Lite OBDII VCI Battery & Electrical System Analyzer 
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Product Description

  1. 1.OTOFIX BT1 Lite Perfect Match with OTOFIX D1 & D1 Lite
  2. 2.Adaptive Conductance Algorithm for Both in-Verhicle And Out-of-Vehicle Tests
  3. 3.Diagnostics for The Electrical Systems

Autel OTOFIX BT1 Lite OBDII Battery & Electrical System Analyzer 

OTOFIX BT1 Lite  Car Battery Analyser

Kindly note: OTOFIX BT1 Lite is unavailable now,will coming soon


1. Exclusive Adaptive Conductance Technology
2. Paired with Battery Tester App on your smartphone
3. Illustration instruction guides for battery positioning
4.Lifetime Free Update Online
5. Adaptive Conductance Algorithm for Both in-Verhicle And Out-of-Vehicle Tests
6.Perfect Match with OTOFIX D1/ D1 Lite: Rich Smoothness and Efficiency, Beyond your expectations
OTOFIX BT1 Lite  Perfect Match with OTOFIX D1/ D1 Lite


BT1 Lite is a wireless battery and electrical systems tester controlled by the Battery Tester APP ( Android & iOS ) or OTOFIX tablets for faster, easier test procedures. It applies an advanced exclusive battery analysis algorithm - Adaptive Conductance.  Adaptive Conductance produces a more accurate examination of the battery's cold-cranking ability and reserve capacity, which is vital to determining a battery's true health.


1. Top-level accuracy & quick test results: exclusive adaptive conductance algorithm.
2. Provide complete diagnostics for electrical systems with automated database-driven processes.
3. Battery Load Tester, Car Cranking and Charging System Analysis.
4. Supports Flooded, AGM, AGM Spiral, EFB GEL battery types. 
* This tool must be used with OTOFIX D1 / D1 Lite diagnostic tools. An easy-to-use mobile app available for iOS and Android devices

Supported Battery Types
Autel OTOFIX BT1 Lite Battery Types
1. Battery Ratings:


2. Battery Types:

Test Flooded, AGM, AGM_Spiral, EFB and GEL Batteries
Test 6- and 12-volt Batteries: 100 - 2000 CCA
Test 12- and 24-volt Cranking/Charging Systems


1. Accurate Diagnostics

Adaptive Conductance technology provides more accurate test results
* Reduce misdiagnosis
* Diagnose low-capacity batteries
* Reduce need to charge and retest

2. Intelligent Electrical Diagnostics
Autel OTOFIX BT1 Lite functions
Comprehensive diagnostics solutions for testing 12V/24V batteries and electrical systems
* Deliver more decisive results using the Adaptive Conductance algorithm for both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle tests
* Provide complete diagnostics for electrical systems with automated database-driven processes

3. Future-Proof Technology
Autel OTOFIX BT1 Lite future proof
In line with the evolving trends of the automobile industry, the BT1 Lite offers battery testing solutions for vehicles of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
* Services current vehicles while staying prepared for advanced future vehicles
* Expands your battery servicing capability by testing all battery types including Flooded, AGM, AGM_Spiral, EFB, and GEL

Connectivity: USB 2.0 Type-C, Bluetooth V3.0 BR/EDR+ V4.2 LE Dual-Mode
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Working Current: < 150mA at 12V DC
CCA Range: 100 - 2000 A
Voltage Range: 6 to 36V
Operating Temperature: 0° to 45°C
Storage Temperature: -10° to 60°C

Package List:

1pc x OTOFIX BT1 Lite
1pc x Clamp
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Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro

Tech Service

This OTOFIX BT1 Lite Smart Battery Tester is used for testing 6- and 12-volt automotive batteries as well as 12- and 24-volt crank-ing/charging systems.
 OTOFIX BT1 Lite LED Description

OTOFIX BT1 Lite led

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the BT1 Lite is powered ON when pairing the device and during registration.
Power Up
1. Scan the QR code or search for Battery Test in App Store or Google Play Store to download 
and install the app to your device.
OTOFIX BT1 Lite app
2. Open the Battery Test app and follow on-screen instructions to complete the registration and 
pair the BT1 Lite.

Connect to a Battery
1. Long press the Power button to turn on the BT1 Lite. Enable Bluetooth on your device. 
Follow instructions on the app to pair the BT1 Lite with your device via Bluetooth.
OTOFIX BT1 Lite connect to a battery
NOTE: The BT1 Lite can be used with mobile devices and OTOFIX D1 and D1 Lite 
tablets to perform battery tests.

2. Connect the red clamp to the positive (+) terminal and the black clamp to the negative (-) 
terminal of the battery.

OTOFIX BT1 Lite connnect
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