Autel MaxiLink ML529 Diagnostic Scan Tool (Upgraded Version of AL519) with Full OBD2 Functions for Turning off Engine Light O2 Sensor Test AutoVin DTC

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Product Description

Autel MaxiLink ML529 is a useful tool for enhanced OBDII diagnosis on most 1996 and newer vehicles that are compatible with OBDII protocols. the code reader will help to easily determine the DTCs for the Check Engine Light, turn Check Engine Light off, clear codes and reset monitors, and easily retrieve vehicle information and display monitor and IM readiness status.
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Supported multi-Language: English, Spanish and French
Autel MaxiLink ML529 Description:

The Autel MaxiLink ML529 OBD II Code Reader supports all 10 modes of OBD II test for complete vehicle diagnostics. The easy-to-use tool features a TFT color display and built-in speaker for visual and audible message cues and the patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key for quick State Emissions.

Autel MaxiLink ML529

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Advantages:
1. Diagnostic Vehicle Engine/ Emission Fault Code:
The Autel MaxiLink ML529 OBD2 Scanner Tool is ability to diagnostic Vehicle/ LightTruck's (12V) Engine/ Emission Problem with full 10 Enhanced OBD2 Mode. Included but not limited as Read/ Earse Engine fault codes to turn off MIL. Graphing freeze frame/live data stream, diagnostic O2 sensor test results for Misfire monitoring/ non-continuously monitored systems (Enhanced Mode6). Perform EVAP test of fuel system (Mode8), I/ M readiness status, Retrieve vehicle info and more.
2. Upgraded Version/ More Accuracy than AL/ ML519:
Highly recommended by Auteltech Mechanic! Reads enhanced PCM codes in Powertrain System from original manufactuer of Ford/ GM/ Chrysler with more accuracy. One touch of AutoVIN to obtain Vehicle Identification Number automatically, so you could start to diagnostic your Vehicle/ LightTruck in a high-efficient way to pass smog test. One Click I/ M Readiness Hotkey on Emission status. Free Lifetime Update through MacOS/ Mac/ WindowsPC.
3. Extensive Range of Car & OBD2 Protocols Coverage:
The Autel MaxiLink ML529 OBDII/ EOBD Scanner is specially designed to work with all OBDII compliant vehicles, including those equipped with Control Area Network (CAN) protocols. The EPA requires all domestic, Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer vehicles (including light trucks), sold in the United States must be OBDII compliant. Included but not limited J1859- 41.6/ J1850- 10.4/ISO9141/ KWP2000 (ISO 14230)/ CAN (Control Area Network ISO 11898).
4. Unique Design with 2.8"(320x240 dpi) LCD Screen:
Equipped with 2.8 inches LCD true color screen, Hand-held design, particular protective case & Durable Nylon carrying case. Pressing the "?" button to displays help information and accesses to thousands of DTC Guide function. Fast scan and stable connection compared to Bluetooth Scan Tool. 16-Pin Male connector without battery required. Red-Yellow-Green Led lights and build-in Speaker run as an indicator during diagnostic testing.
5. Enhanced OBD II Mode 6:
What's better than general code reader is that this OBD2 scanner ML529 is equipped advanced OBD2 Mode 6, to help confirm quickly whether a problem currently exists and if the repair was successful or not.
6. Effective Add- On Features:
In order to better cater users' needs, this car scan tool supports Data Printing Function for printing out recorded diagnostic data anytime, along with the Free Online Update Function for upgrading its software and DTC Library frequently.

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Features:

1. AutoVIN function for quickly identifying manufacturer-specific codes
2. Reads enhanced codes in Powertrain system for Ford, GM and Chrysler
3. Compatible with domestic, Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer.
4. Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer-specific (P1, P3 and U1) and pending codes
5. Enhanced OBD II Mode 6
6. Retrieves vehicle identification information (VIN, CALID and CVN)
7. Turns off Check Engine Light, clears codes and resets monitors
8. Views freeze frame data
9. Displays monitor and I/M readiness (emissions) status
10. Reads live PCM data stream
11. Displays live O2 sensor test data
12. Graphs data
13. Reads, stores and plays back live sensor data
14. Troubleshooter code tips aid technician in efficient vehicle diagnostics and vehicle repair
15. Patented One-Click Readiness Key for quick State Emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification
16. Bright color-coded LEDs and built-in speaker provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification
17. Multilingual (including English, Spanish and French) menu and DTC definitions
18. Internet Updatable
19. Prints data via Windows-based PC

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Functions:

Autel MaxiLink ML529 description
1. Full OBDII Functions
The code reader Autel ML529 is a useful tool for enhanced OBDII diagnosis on most 1996 and newer vehicles that are compatible with OBDII protocols. The code reader support full 10 test modes of OBDII diagnosis and you can use it to:

1). Read and erase engine error codes that stored in ECUs and turn off the check engine light after servicing and repairing; the codes include generic (P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer-specific (P1, P3 and U1) and pending codes;
2). View live data to analyze the components running status and retrieve freeze frame data that records the engine components’ running status when a fault code detected;
3). Check I/M readiness to identify if the vehicle perfectly finishes the self-test and will pass the State Emission Test;
4). Check On-board Monitor Test that accesses the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for specific components/systems to determine if the components or the monitors are fine;
5). Analyze O2 Sensor Test result to know the Oxygen content in the exhaust and make adjustment for the best air-fuel ratio;
6). Retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CID and CVN) for accurate diagnosis.

2. Other Features
1). Built-in DTC Lookup: The code reader ML529 is designed with built-in DTC library that allows you to check the definitions of engine error codes and determine the source of the problem.
2). Data Printing: The code reader has the function of Data Playback that allows viewing and printing of data from last recorded test. Download and install the Maxi PC Suite on your Window-based PC, and you can print the stored data via Autel Printer software that is concluded in Maxi PC Suite.
3). Internet Update: Simply connect the tool to your PC via supplied USB cable, and you are able to update the tool to get a wider vehicle or component coverage and the latest bug fixes.

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Update Procedure:

(Genereally, there are 2 ways to update programs including [Batch Update]/[Single Update]
Connect the tool to a Mac-based or Windows-based computer using the included USB cable. Follow the update procedure to finish updating.

  • 1. Download "the Maxi PC Suit" from > Support & Updates > Firmware & Downloads > Update Client, and install to your Windows-based computer.
  • 2. Run the Maxi PC Suite. Wait for the Log In window to display.
  • 3. Connect the scan tool to your computer with the provided USB cable.
  • 4. From System Setup screen in the tool, select Update Mode, and press OK.
  • 5. Enter your Autel ID and password and wait for the Update window to display. Or click Sign Up to create an Autel ID to continue.
  • 6. Select tool and serial number, click OK to continue.
  • 7. In the Update window, select the appropriate files to install.

Autel MaxiLink ML529 description

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Vehicle Coverage:

Autel develops the Autel MaxiLink ML529 obd2 scanner that adds advanced Auto VIN Function and Reading Enhanced codes for Ford, for GM and for Chrysler on the basis of the Autel AutoLink AL519 so that the car repairing can be handled in a high-efficient way.
Autel MaxiLink ML529 obd2 scanner compatible with all OBDII protocols including ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW and CAN, this car scanner can work on most vehicles around the world including for Toyota, for Honda, for VW, for Mazda, for Kia, for Nissan, etc.

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Specification:

Display 2.8-inch LCD (320x240 dpi)
Connectivity USB mini 2.0
Operating Temp 0℃ to 60 ℃ (32℉ to 140℉)
Storage Temp -20℃ to 70 ℃ (-1℉ to 158℉)
External Power 8.0 to 18.0V power provided via vehicle battery
Dimensions (LxWxH) 183 mm (7.2”) x 91 mm (3.58”) x 33 mm (1.3”)
Weight 237 g (0.522 lb.)

Autel MaxiLink ML529 look

Autel AL319 vs ML329 vs AL519 vs ML529 vs ML619:
O2 Sensor Test
I/M Readiness
Freeze Frame
Data Stream
On board Monitor Test
Read Enhanced Codes in Powerstrain Sytem
ABS System
SRS System

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Package list:

1pc x Autel MaxiLink ML529 Main Unit
1pc x OBDII Cable
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x User Manual
1pc x Quick Guide
1pc x Carrying Bag

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Reviews
Reviews 1:So this is a universal obd2 code reader for cars made in 1996 and later. It is designed for the following situations: When your engine displays an engine error code, indicating that some error has occurred in your engine and you need to check it. It will provide you with some help.
The obd2 cable is quite thick and tightly wound in the package. Fortunately, the cable is quite soft and can be easily straightened; While incomplete, it is far from exceeding expectations, which is long enough to allow me to sit comfortably in the driver's seat and use the center under the dash. the interface uses the device. The package also includes a USB cable for PC connection to update ML529.
The whole process is so simple that you will be surprised. It gets its power directly from the car. So basically you just need to connect the cable to the device and plug it into the obd2 DLC port of the car. Then turn on the power switch and they will start communicating. The intuitive interface makes it easy for users with various levels of experience to understand and can help you find the right information.
Check the code without needing a mechanic. Sellers sometimes don't want to see and try to hide emissions problems. Now you can get I / M ready to determine if you are ready to pass the emissions test or it is time for maintenance. This is very important because some brands like BMW need to do a lot of work to prepare. As you know, it is really difficult for them to pass the test. This is a good tool and can be placed in the garage. If you are looking for a basic code reader to help you better monitor the condition of your car, then the Autel ml529 is your best option.

Reviews 2: ML529 really does everything that is said. When I first received this I was skeptical. Because I am new to this technology, but fortunately the learning curve is short. I plugged it into my Ford's OBDII port, and it reads / clears codes and provides real-time diagnostics of what's going on with the sensors and the engine. So now I can do the maintenance of the car myself and check the condition of the car anytime I want. Be sure to check the correct area anyway, as the tool doesn't say in detail what you're looking at. And the manual is essential. There are many things with this device that this device will check. Live data is one of the best features and so is the IM readiness test. Above all, I would give it a great rating. If you are a weekend mechanic and you want something that does not cost too much money, this is the one you are looking for.

Reviews 3:This scanner is very easy to use if you are a beginner and great if you have more experience. I buy, repair and sell cars often and this scanner is great for finding codes that people are trying to hide. Also cool to point out the CEL on my truck. He even told me that my O2 sensors were not working properly.

Reviews 4:Hi friends, I bought this scanner because my car has problems frequently, this scanner works great on my 2012 toyota yaris, I find evacuation valve problems, this scanner finds my car VIN easily, good scanner for small fixes, very very nice .

Reviews5.This tool to check the status of your 2016 Nissan Pathfinder. It works perfectly.

Reviews 6:I bought this to diagnose a problem in my 2010 Chrysler Van. It was very easy to connect and read.
I had all the information for my truck and could easily read codes, check for problems, and reset codes.

Reviews 7 :This device has saved me around $ 1300 in repairs. A mechanic told me that my Dodge 2095 Ram 1500 was going to need a transmission. But something didn't feel right. So I got the scanner, it was my broadcast control module.

Reviews 8 : I used it for my 09 nissan pathfinder and it worked fine. Also used in 03 civic and 09 Altima.

Autel MaxiLink ML529 FAQ
Q:ml629 andml529 any different? Thanks
A:Ml629 is the update ver. of ML529

Q:Does this work on bmw and Volkswagen?
A:ML529 works on most of the BMW and Volkswagen car models in the market.
Our product is compatible with 12-volt vehicles after 1996 and vehicles with updated OBD2 and EOBD protocol.

Q: Will this item work on 2016 Ford f150?
A:Yes, Autel ML529 obd2 scanner will work on a 2016 Ford f150 to read and clear engine emission related codes. 

Q:I own a nissan laurel hc 35 model year 2000 14 pin and a honda civic year 2000 will this work on both vehicles ?
A:Hello Anson Gopaul, ML529 is an ordinary OBDII scan tool. It works on most 1996 US-based,2000 EU-based and newer vehicles that support OBDII protocol. Generally speaking,this device can support your car.

Q:For us iphone users, does this connect via bluetooth or wifi or both?
A:Dear Theresa Atwater, the ML529 needs to connect a Windows-based or Mac-based computer with the included USB cable to do the updating, not bluetooth and wifi.

Q:Will this read transmission temp(live data) 2011 camry?
A:Hello, Autel ML529 is unable to read transmission temp(live data) from a 2011 camry, we would recommend Autel mk808 to you,

Q:Can this scanner reset limp mode on 2008 MB e320 turbo diesel ?
A:It does

Q:I am looking for a device to reset oil service indicator on 2007 porsche cayman s. will this do that?
A:Hello sir, we are so sorry to tell you Autel ML529 OBDII Scanner can't reset oil service indicator on 2007 Porsche cayman s, and we recommend Autel Diaglink to you,

Q:Does it work on my toyota fortuner 2011?
A:Yes, ML529 can work on a toyota fortuner 2011.

Q:Can this obd2 scanner work on 2014 ford focus for the emission test?
A:Yes, Autel ML529 OBD2 scanner will work on your car for the emission test. 

Q:will scanner read ford gem module? such as door lock alarms
A:Sorry, Autel ML529 OBD2 scanner is unable to read ford gem module, it will allow you to read emission related issues for obdii-compliant cars. 

Is the ML529 compatible/work on the 2011 volvo c70?
Answer:Yes, Autel ML529 obd2 scanner works on a 2011 volvo c70.

Is there a lifetime free update?
Answer:Yes, you're provided with a lifetime free update service. 
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Autel MaxiLink ML529 Full OBDII Scanner Overview