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Product Description

Loaded with oil service reset, battery registration and reset, parking brake pad relearn after replacement, steering angle sensor relearn and diesel particulate filter regeneration functions, Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro can access ALL available modules for the best diagnosis operations.
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autel md808 pro
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Description:

The MaxiDiag MD808 Pro is built to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level. Loaded with oil service reset, battery registration and reset, parking brake pad relearn after replacement, steering angle sensor relearn and diesel particulate filter regeneration functions, MD808 Pro can access ALL available modules for the best diagnosis operations. With all that enclosed in a 4-inch hand-held device, there is no better multifunctional scan tool on the market.

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Highlights:

1. Free Update Online: Autel md808 pro Update online on Autel Official Website. It is free update now. no limitation. But we can not say it is lifetime free update online, maybe Autel will charge the update cost a few years later, hard to give a certain idea
2. Language Supported:  English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian
3. Upgrade version of MD802: covers more cars and more systems.Support Read/Clear Codes and Live Data functions for ALL systems.
4. Professional Service Tool: Loaded with enhanced service functions, such as oil reset, EPB, SAS, BMS and DPF, offers quick and easy solution to everyday task in the workshop.
5. Efficient Diagnosis: Offer more advanced features and functions to troubleshoot basic four systems (Engine, Transmission, SRS and ABS) for major vehicles on the road today.
6. Powerful Hardware: Included with 16G Micro SD Card, full color 800*480 display to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level.
7. Autel MD808 Pro Vehicle Coverage: Global OBDII coverage for U.S. domestic, Asian and European makes and models.

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro language

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Supported Systems:

1. Powetrain Systems: Read/ Test/ Clear trouble codes all modules
2. Body System: Read/ Test/ Clear trouble codes all modules
3. CHassis System: Read/ Test/ Clear trouble codes all modules
4. Info & Communication: Read/ Test/ Clear trouble codes all modules
5. Auto VIN Detection
6. Auto Scan All Major Systems
7. Live Data to test individual systems
8. Communicate with door modules, body controllers, electronic modules
9. Support all OBDII protocols and 10 test modes including Freeze Frame, Enhanced Mode 6, Vehicle Info, I/M Readiness, On-Board Monitor and Component Tests
10. Graph, record and playback freeze frame data

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Features:

1. Support Read/Clear Codes and Live Data functions for ALL systems
2. Read and clear trouble codes, control and test BMS/Oil Reset/ SRS/EPB/DPF systems
3. Support oil service reset
4. Support battery registration and reset
5. Diesel particulate service including forced regeneration
6. Reset steering angle sensor (SAS) functionality
7. Relearn parking brake pad after replacement
8. Reset service mileage and service intervals
9. Turn off ECU brake warning light
10. Perform O2 monitor, on-board monitor, I/M readiness and component testing
11. Print diagnostic reports via PC connection
12. Global OBD II coverage for U.S. domestic, Asian and European makes and models
13. All OBD II protocols, all 10 test modes and enhanced OBD II mode 6 support

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Functions:

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro special functions

1. Service Functions

The MaxiDiag MD808 Pro provide Oil Reset, EPB, SAS, DPF and BMS functions for most modern vehicles on the road today. Select the Service function from the Main Menu to access the five special functions.

1) Oil Reset: The Engine Oil Life System calculates when to change the engine oil and filter based on vehicle use.
An oil change is required whenever indicated by the display and according to the recommended maintenance schedule.Whenever the oil is changed, reset the system so it can calculate when the next oil change is required. If a situation occurs where the oil is changed prior to a service indicator being turned on, also reset the system.
2) EPB: This electric parking brake (EPB) function has a multitude of uses to maintain the electronic braking systems safely and effectively.
3) SAS: Steering Angle Sensor Calibration permanently stores the current steering wheel position as the straight-ahead position in the steering angle sensor EEPROM. Therefore, the front wheels and the steering wheel must be set exactly to the straight-ahead position before calibration. In addition, the vehicle identification number is also read from the instrument cluster and stored permanently in the steering angle sensor EEPROM. On successful completion of calibration, the steering angle sensor fault memory is automatically cleared.
4) DPF: The DPF function allows you to carry out numerous functions on the Diesel Particulate Filter system without having to send your car to a main dealer.
The tool will manage DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.
5) BMS: The BMS (Battery Management System) allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current,
register the battery replacement, activate the rest state of the vehicle, and charge the battery via the diagnostic socket.
6) ABS Maintenance: The tool can read codes,erase codes, record live data,read ECU information,perform active test,and perform special function.
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro car list
2. OBDII Diagnostic Functions

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro OBDII diagnostic

OBD II Diagnostics function is a fast-access option that allows you to carry out a quick test on the drive train systems of OBD II vehicles.
When more than one vehicle control module is detected by the scan tool, you will be prompted to select the module where the data may be retrieved.
The most often to be selected are the Power-train Control Module [PCM] and Transmission Control Module [TCM].

1) System Status: Select this function to display the system status of the test vehicle, refer to the following description for the system status of the test vehicle.
2) Read Codes: Read Codes can be done with the key on engine off (KOEO) or with the key on engine running (KOER).
This function is used to read the detailed information of a particular diagnostic trouble code for technicians to better solve the problem.
3) Erase Codes: Erase Codes is performed with key on engine off (KOEO). This function is used to delete diagnostic trouble code when the fault the caused the specific DTC is fixed.
4) Live Data: In this function, you can not only read the live data but also record data for later review.
5) Freeze Frame: Freeze Frame Data allows the technician to view the vehicle's operating parameters at the moment a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) is detected. For example, the parameters may include engine speed (RPM), engine coolant temperature (ECT), or vehicle speed sensor (VSS) etc. This information will aid the technician by allowing the parameters to beduplicated for diagnostic and repair purposes.
6) I/M Readiness: I/M Readiness function is used to check the operations of the Emission System on OBD II compliant vehicles. It is an excellent function to use prior to having a vehicle inspected for compliance to a state emission program.
7) O2 Monitor Test: OBD II regulations set by SAE require the relevant vehicle monitors and tests on the oxygen (O2) sensors to identify problems related to fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions. These tests are not on-demand tests and they are done automatically when engine operating conditions are within specified limits. These test results are saved in the on-board computer's memory.The O2 Monitor Test function allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests from the vehicle's on-board computer.The O2 Monitor Test function is not supported by vehicles which communicate using a controller area network (CAN).
8) Component Test: The Component Test function allows initiating a leak test for the vehicle's EVAP system. The scan tool itself does not perform the leak test, but commands the vehicle's on-board computer to start the test. Different vehicle manufacturers might have different criteria and methods for stopping the test once it has been started. Before starting the Component Test, refer to the vehicle service manual for instructions to stop the test.
9) Vehicle Information: The Vehicle Info. function enables retrieval of Vehicle Identification No.(VIN), Calibration ID Nos. (CINs), Calibration Verification Nos. (CVNs) and In-use Performance Tracking on 2000 and newer vehicles that support Mode.

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Vehicle Coverage:

Global OBDII coverage for U.S. domestic, Asian and European makes and models:

for Abarth, for Alfa Romeo, for Audi, for VW, for  For Seat, for Skoda, for Volvo, for Saab, for Bentley, for Mercedes Benz, for BMW, for Bugatti, for Citroen, for Renault Peugeot, for Dacia, for Fiat, for Ford, for Jaguar, for Lancia, for Landrover, for aybach, for Mini, for Opel, for Porsche, for Smart, for Vauxhall
Acura, for Daewoo, for Honda, for Hyundai, for Isuzu, for Kia, for Lexus, for Mazda, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan Group, for Scion, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota
for Chrysler, for Ford, for G-M

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Comparison:
Autel MD808 PRO  vs. MD802 vs. MD808 

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro  vs md802 vs md808

What the advantages of MD808 PRO compare with MD808 and MD802:
  • 1. MD808 PRO support all system of car, the md808 only support 4 system, and MD808 PRO is upgraded version of MD808 and MD802, coverage more car and more systems.
  • 2. MD808 PRO support Steering Angel Learning, DPF functions, and Battery Registration and reset. Throttle matching function
The MD808 and MD802 didn't have these functions

Autel MD808P vs. MX808
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro vs autel mx808

Autel MD808 Pro vs. Launch CPR129

autel md808 pro vs. launch cpr129

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Specification:

Processor ARM® Thumb® Processor (400 MHz)
Memory 32MB, 166 MHz
Display 4.0 inch LCD with 800x480 resolution
Connectivity Mini USB: 2.0 Micro SD Card (16GB)
Power Consumption 1.7 W
Operating Temperature -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Operating Humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
Housing Strong plastic housing with protective rubber boot
Dimensions (W x H x D) 202 mm x 92 mm x 35 mm (8.35” x 3.62” x 1.4”)
Weight 313 g (0.69 lb.)

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Package list:

1pc x MaxiDiag MD808 Pro main unit
1pc x Quick Reference Guide
1pc x Micro SD card
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Main Cable
1pc x Carry Case
If you need the User Manual, please click to download the User Manual directly.
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro description

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro description
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Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro


Autel MD808 PRO Professional OBDII Scan Tool Overview

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro All System Scanner Unbox Video

Tech Service

MaxiDiag MD808 Pro  Language change:
English is the default language. If you change to a different language,Please send your product SN number to us with to reset the system language. 
2)From System Setup screen, use the UP/DOWN scroll button and LEFT/RIGHT scroll button to select Language, and press OK.
2) Use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select the desired language and press OK to save your selection and return to previous screen
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro  Language change
Register the Tool
User would update the scan tool ONLY after you had registered the tool on
Then you could download software,update online, retrieve information and get warranty service.
NOTE: Prior to registration, please confirm your network is working properly.
1.Visit the website
2.If you already have an Autel account, Sign In with your account ID and password.
3.If you are a new member to Autel, click on the Create Autel ID button on the left side to create an ID.
4.Enter the required information in the input fields, and click the Get Verification Code
button to get a verification code for email validation.
5.The online system will automatically send a verification code to the registered email address.
Input the code in the Verification Code field and complete other required fields.
Read through Autel’s Terms and Conditions and click on Agree, and then click Create Autel ID
at the bottom. A product registration screen will display.
6.The device’s serial number and password is located in the About section of the System Setup application on the tool.
7. Select your product model, enter the product serial number and password on the Product Registration screen, and click Submit to complete the registration procedure.
Update Procedure
Autel frequently releases software updates that you can download. The
Update feature makes it very easy to determine and get exactly what you need
There are two ways to update your tool.
1.Remove the Micro SD card from the device and connect it with a Windows-based
computer for updating
2.Connect your tool with a Windows-based computer using the supplied USB cable and select Update on the Main Menu to enter Update Mode
The update procedures for the above two update methods are the same.
Follow the update procedure to finish updating.
1.Download the Maxi PC Suite from and install on your Windows-based PC
2.Run the Maxi PC Suite. Wait for the Log In window to pop up.
MaxiDiag MD808 Pro  register
3.Enter your Autel ID and password and wait for the Update window to display.
If you forget your password,you may click the [Forget Password?] to link to our website and find your password back.
Or you may click Sign up to create an Autel ID to continue.
4.Select the product type and serial number, click OK to continue.
5.In the Update window, select the items you want to install. Usually, you should install all available updates
MaxiDiag MD808 Pro  update
Generally, there are two ways to update programs:
Batch Update
1.Select the programs that you would update by clicking on the check
boxes next to those items. Then click the Update All button on the right bottom of screen.
Click the Clear All button will reselect the items you want to update
2.Or, click on the Select All checkbox on the left bottom of screen and all updatable items will be selected automatically.
Then click the Update All button on the right side of screen.
3.When the downloading is completed, the downloaded programs will be installed automatically.
The new version will replace the old version.
Single Update
1.Find out the desired updating item and click the Update button in the same line.
2.When the downloading is completed, the downloaded program will be installed automatically.
The new version will replace the old version.

MaxiDiag MD808 FAQs:

Q:Will this be able yo bring up Transfer Case codes?
A: Yes,This md808 can read/erase codes on Engine, Transmission, SRS and ABS system as well as lot of special functions.

Q:Will this unit interface with all of the modules and eletronic controls on a Toyota Prius? And specifically to meter in coolant and bleed brakes?
A: This md 808 can work on your Toyota Prius on four systems , if wanna get a all system supported product, you can have a look for the MD802 full system or md808 pro. and for metering in coolant and bleed brakes,you may have a look for MaxiCOM MK808.

Q:Will this unit can read/erase codes for srs,epb and oil service light resets?
A:Yes, this unit can read and clear trouble codes, control and test BMS/Oil Reset/ SRS/EPB/DPF systems.

Q:Will it switch off the airbag light on a bmw x3 e83 2005 model ?
A:Yes, it will,also lots of special functions

Q:Will it work on my benz 2001 e-class 211 for pdf function?
A:Yes, it will work fine with your car

Q:Will this reset maintenance light on 2013 audi q5 and 2017 porsche maccan?
A:this code reader can reset maintenance light on 2013 audi q5 ,but not work on 2017 porsche maccan,some newer 2017 vehicles are not covered currently.

Q:Is it color or B&W info on the screen and do you just get a code or a complete read out?
A:this tool support to complete read out /clear trouble codes and Live Data functions for Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems with a color info on the screen.

Q:Does the MD808 show graphing and if so how many graphs can be viewed at once?
A:yes , this scan tool can support Data graphing. If you want to reads live datastream, it will be 2 graphs can be viewed at once.

Q:I purchased the md808 almost 1 year ago. i didn’t notice that there where 2 versions md808 and the pro version. can the md808 be updated to the pro.
A:Yes, check solution at the beginning of the blog.

Q:will these scanner also work to read transmission codes and its for all makes i wounldn’t have to buy any apps separate?
A:yes , this scanner can support to read /erase transmission codes and free updating for lifetime via our official website .Another question ,it supports to work on most of 1996 and newer vehicles which have the universal OBD II connector, you don’t need to buy any apps separately.

Q:Will these work for diesel particulate service?
A: yes,of course.This tool can support DPF regeneration function, including Starting Basic Injection Quantity, Injection rate, Injector rate adjustment, Particle filter regeneration, Particle filter test.

Q:can you monitor live misfires on cylinders?
A:Yes,this item can monitor live misfires on cylinders perfectly and also can tell which cylinders has the misfire.

Q:Will this scanner work with my 2016 Toyota 4 Runner ??
A:Yes. I’ve used it on many different Toyota cars and trucks, as well as almost all American makes. Definitely a great tester

Q:Do all scan types work on 2014 kia forte or only engine codes?
A:This scanner MD808 can access Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems to read /erase codes on 2014 kia forte.

Q:Can this tool operate the ABS pump on a ford f150?
A:This tool does NOT perform that function

Q:I have a 2008 Suzuki Forenza airbag light on need turn off
A:It’s a good machine it’ll tell you what is wrong with the vehicle but your problem sounds like the driver side seat belt has a broken wire in the bucklehead that’s the most common problem with these airbags lights coming on

Q:what is the difference between the md808 and mk808?
A:MK808 supports much more functional than MD808,  especially service functions, MK808 can serve IMMO( key programming) if your car model is supported.

Q:Will it work for srs reset on a 2005 mercedes slk 350 and then also transmission codes on a 2005 jeep grand cherokee?
A:Yes to both questions. Support Read/Clear Codes and Live Data functions for Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems.

Q:will this work on my mitsubishi endeavor ?
A: yes ,this scanner can work on your mitsubishi endeavor.

Q:Will this work on a 2002 Subaru Impreza?

Q:Will it scan my ford diesel truck engines?
A:yes , this scan tool will scan your Ford diesel vehicles, including vehicles Light Duty and Medium Duty.

Q:Does this unit scan ac or fan problems for a 2000 BMW 323i
A:Yes , this md808 can scan the AC and FAN problems for your car.and also can do lots of special functions.

Q:Can it do epb reset for my new range rover 2014?
A:Yes,it can do EPB reset for your vehicle type,also include many other special functions

Q:Does this work for 2016 2500HD duramax
A:sorry , MD808 can not work on a 2016 2500HD duramax.

Q:Does it work with 1996 toyota avalon obd2
A:Yes, will communicate with any OBDII system.

Q:Will this scanner do a forced regin on a 2011 Duramax?
yes ,MD808 will do that function on a 2011 Duramax.

Q:Will this device retract/reset brake calipers for pad replace?
A:Yes , this device can setting brakes after disc or pad replacement ,deactivating/activating the brake control system ,assisting with brake fluid control,brake diagnostics,opening and closing brake pads and also reading and clearing EPB/SBC trouble codes

Q:Can i reset a parking brake malfunction on my 7 series bmw with this tool?

Q:Hi. what is best mico sd card for md808pro?
A:I just used the one it came with… Or just like a SanDisk extreme

Q:this scan tool can scan Transmission live data too ?
A:Yes ,this unit can live data graphing for all available modules,but first have to make sure your car is in the coverage list

Q:an this scanner disable eml and limp mode
A: MD808 can not support that functions. As to your demands, MS906bt is highly recommended instead.

Q:Does this scan tool zero calibrate the Occupancy Classification Sensor under the passenger seat?
A: sorry , this scan tool can not support this function,we would like to recommend you another model DS808 can do this.

Q:The unit says free lifetime updates, is this true?
A:  yes, It’s free lifetime for updating.

Q:Does this scanner works on Japanese and European cars
A: Out there question but yes

Q:Will this read door ajar light?
A: Before you need to check if you car has body computer…

Q:Can it support Spanish?
A: No . It supports English only.

Q:How to register this device?
A: Check detail procedure above

Q:Can this cycle the abs module to bleed the abs system
A: Sorry ,this device cannot do this function, but the mk808 can do, we also have the product in stock. you can have a look.

Q:Will this unit read / erase engine codes on 2013 Ford F-250 Diesel?
A: yes, it can be supported, it can support to read engine, transmission, SRS and ABS codes from vehicle. In addition, it can support special functions like oil reset, EPB, DPF, SAS and BMS.

Q:Will this work with isuzu box trucks NQR?
A:Yes this will work on the truck however it must be a 12 volt truck. This cannot be used on a 24 volt truck, it will destroy the tool
Q:Can this read live wheel speed on 2005 Chevy Silverado?
A:yes ,this code reader can read live wheel speed on a 2005 Chevy Silverado.

Q:Will this work on 2015 ford fusion hybrid epb reset?
A:yes ,this scanner can support to reset EPB on your vehicle.

Q:What special functions does it have for ford 2003 focus c-max?
A:,It provides Electronic Parking Brake(EPB), Oil reset, Battery Management System(BMS), Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) and Steering Angle Sensor(SAS) functions for FORD 2003 FOCUS C-MAX.

Q:Will it work on a 1996 mitsubishi montero and 2011 mitsubishi evo x?

Q:How to register and update MD808, is the same with other Autel tools?
A: the register and update procedures are the same with other Autel tools. First you need to register an Autel ID from autel official website and then register this tool to your Autel ID.
Then download MD808 PC suite from Autel website or from the attached CD, load the SD card to your PC to download the software from PC suite.
For new Autel customers, it is suggested to read MD808 user manual on page 81-83 first, which describes the detailed registering and updating procedures.

Q:My make is a Benz 2000 A-Class 169.will it work on my car tpye?
A:Yes, it works for Benz 2004 A-Class 169 such as reading and erasing trouble codes , live date, event memory , freeze frame and ECU Info.

Q:Does this scan tool reset the emf on a bmw?
A: yes ,this scanner can reset the EMF on your BMW.

Q:can you isolate and cycle certain systems to see if they are working correctly?
A:Yes ,it supports this function

Q:does this product work on EcoBoost Mustang 2016 turn of airbag light?
A: MD808 only support 2014 EcoBoost Mustang. But we would like to recommend you another model MK808 can do the function on your car

Q:will it read miss-fire data?
A:Yes, of course, it can be supported. You can read misfire code and live data from this scanner.

Q:Does read and clear SRS for Honda Odyssey 2009??
A:Yes, this md808 can read and clear SRS for HOdyssey 2009,also can do EPB,oil reset,DPF,SAS on your car
Q:Does it work for Renault cars ?
A:,this md808 can work perfectly on Renault cars.

Q:Will this do a force regen on an izusu npr? With no extra Purchases
A:yes ,MD808 can support the function of force regeneration on isuzu.

Q:Will this read transmission fluid temperature on 2012 Toyota Camry?
A: yes ,of course ,this scanner MD808 will do that on your vehicle.

Q:Will this unit read transmission codes on a 1999 Ford F150 Truck?
A:Yes ,this product can read /erase transmission codes on your car.

Q:Will the autel maxidiag md808 remove the service/engine/maintenance light (green wrench on the dash) on a maserati 2012 gran turismo?
A:MD808 doesn’t support this functions you mentioned on maserati 2012 gran turismo. , but we would like to recommend you another model MK808 instead

Q:Will this read abs/srs codes on a 2015 chevy impala?
A:MD808 can do this function but not work on a 2015 chevy impala.

Q:Is this product genuine? How can I verify it? Thanks
A:, Of course it’s genuine. We are authorized distributor of AUTEL.
It’s easy to verify the authenticity. Each product has the only serial number.
When you purchase this tool, you need to register it to get free software update as well as warranty service.
If you can’t register the tool with its serial, then it’s counterfeit.
Q:Can you turn on/off solenoids with this?
A:,the scanner can not support this function.

Q:Can this tool be used to relearn ETC?
A:, this md808 cannot do the relearn ETC, but the MK808 can do this function, you may wanna have a look.

Q:will this work with a 2012 porsche cayman s, and will it cycle the abs for brake bleeding?
A:yes , MD808 can support to cycle the abs for brake bleeding on a 2012 porsche caymans.

Q:Can this relearn throttle position after throttle body replaced?
A:,of course it will do that, this scanner support this feature.

Q:Will this read engine, transmission, srs and abs codes on a 02-06 mini cooper some dont pull abs codes on a mini.
A:I have had major trouble downloading the codes for foreign vehicles…. came preloaded with Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler… They work great !! Wish they would offer the chip preloaded with all vehicles …

Q:What can this model do that the Al619 can’t do?
A: The main differences (in software) between MD808 an ML619 are as below:
1.MD808 supports to diagnose 4 systems (Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag systems) while ML619 just can do the basic functions of ABS/SRS (read & erase codes, view live data and read freeze frame data.)
2.On top of the above, MD808 has special functions, such as oil reset, EPB, SAS, DPF, BMS, etc. However, all of these are what ML619 can’t do

Q:Can i register my bmw battery with this tool?
A:Yes, it can support BMS function.

Q: Can it relearn crankshaft position sensor
A:  sorry ,this scanner can not support this function. We would like to recommend you another model DS808 which can support to do that.

Q:Can this unit reset the idle on a vehicle
A: No

Q:The md808 pro is resetting a throttle body?
A: No it will not reset Throttle Body to do that you will need to buy Autel MaxiDAS DS708 or the upgrade Autel MaxiDAS DS808

Q: Does it reset Porshe Boxster 987 airbag?
A: , yes ,of course, this unit can ret airbag on your vehicle.

Q:Can this program all keys an fob
A: Sorry, this function is not supported, you should buy the autel ms908p/ms906bt which can do the function pretty good.

Q:Will it work on 2010 audi q5 epb – opening and closing caliper as well as resetting the service light once oil is change?
A: yes ,MD808 supports that functions on a 2010 audi q5.

Q: I want to make sure if this item is genuine and work on my ram truck2011 for pdf ?
A:Yes, we are authorized distributor from autel,all products we sell are original and genuine from autel.And this unit will work perfect with your vehicle type on PDF.

Q: does it have a service mode for epb on 2015 Subaru Legacy 3.6r?
A:Yes, this item supports EPB(setting brakes after disc or pad replacement ,deactivating/activating the brake control system ,assisting with brake fluid control,brake diagnostics,opening and closing brake pads and also reading and clearing EPB/SBC trouble codes) on 2015 Subaru Legacy 3.6r

Q: Does this scanner work for models from the south american area (for example, honda fit 2008, toyota corolla 2006 or ford ecosport 2016 from brazil) or
A: yes , this scanner can support to work on most of 1996 and newer vehicles which have the universal OBD II connector , including the 3 vehicle manufacturers you mentioned. But for the new car in 2016, we would be glad if you could provide us the VIN NO. for further confirmation.

Q: Can i read the transmission temperature on my 2015 gmc yukon denali with this product?
A:it can work for this vehicle. I think the transmission temp can be read via Live data. And also this product can support to read live data in Graphing view.

Q: hello, is there possibility inter face in french
A: sorry , MD808 can not support to change language.

Q: Will this work with the Mercedes 38 pin connector?
A: It’s obd 2 connector. So nope it’s a no go for Mercedes.

Q:  is it bi-directional?
A: sorry to say MD808 is not bi-directional. We suggest that please consider another model MK808 can meet your requirements.

Q:   Will this scanner diagnose Volvo ship solenoid issues on 2003 XC70?
A: sorry to tell you that MD808 cannot support the function on your vehicle, but we would like to recommend you another model MK808 can serve to diagnose ship solenoid issues on based-on Volvo XC70.

Q:  does it reset tcs?
A: sorry ,MD808 cannot support to reset TCS,but we would like to recommend you another model MK808 instead.

Q: Will this work on clearing sas after repair on my 2004 nissian titan 5.6le.
A:  yes it should. It does reset SAS.

Q: Is this scanner capable of performing functional tests? Specifically, a diesel particulate filter regeneration on a 2013 Chevrolet Express?
A: this scanner MD808 can support DPF(diesel particulate filter) regeneration function on 2013 Chevrolet Express, including Starting Basic Injection Quantity, Injection rate, Injector rate adjustment, Particle filter regeneration, Particle filter test. Hope our items can meet your demands.

Q: Does it turn my Epb light off on my 2015 chrysler 200?
A: yes , actually this diagnostic tool can help you turn off the EPB light on your car, besides, with EPB special function, it also allow you to service the brake pad when it is needed to change in the future.

Q: Can this clear the airbag light on a Nissan March (Micra) 2006?
A: Yes ,this md808 can clear the airbag light on your Nissan March(Micra) 2006

Q: There is nothing in the Autel MD806PRO  after changing the language to French, any idea?but Back to English,the Missing Functions is restored
A:To restore missing functions in your MD808PRO, please check here