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2021 Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner with Bluetooth VCI Box Support Multiple Languages Upgraded Version of Maxisys MS906

2021 Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner with Bluetooth VCI Box Support Multiple Languages Upgraded Version of Maxisys MS906

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Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT is the latest addition to the MaxiCOM product line of advanced wireless diagnostic devices.
MaxiCOM MK906BT Overview
MaxiCOM MK906BT Overview
VCI(Vechile Communication Interface)Device - MaxiVCI V100 overview

MaxiVCI V100 overview
IMPORTANT: Before operating or maintaining this unit, please read these instructions carefully. Pay extra attention to the safety warnnings and precautions. Use this unit correctly and  property Failure to do so may cause damage and/or personaal injury and will void the product warranty.

Step 1. Insert the Vehicle Data Connector on the MaxiVCI V100 into the veiicles's DLC, which generally located under the vehicle dash.

Step 2. Make sure the Display Tablet has sufficient battery or is connected to the DC power supply.Power up the Display tablet.

Step 3. Pair up the Display Tablet with the MaxiVCI V100 via wireless BT to establish a communiication link. Or connect the Display Tablet and MaxiVCl V100 using the USB cable
NOTE: The Display Tablet and the MaxiVCI V100 are configured to automatically synchronize with each other for first use, so there is no need to pair up.When the MaxiVCI V100 is properly connected to the vehicle 
Step 4.When the MaxiVCl V100 is properly connected to the vehicle and the Display Tablet, the VCI status button at the bottom bar on the display screen shows a green check mark at the corner. This indicates the platform is ready to start vehicle diagnosis.

Step 5.Your MaxiCOM MK9O6BT is now ready for use as a diagnostic device.Tap Update to view and update all available vehicle programs.

Customer feeback of Autel MK9O6BT
Review 1 
It has all the functionality that I was looking for in a scan tool, I had been looking at the snap-on scanners without much luck as I would have to buy multiple scanners for what I was looking for. One of my instructors at Nascar technical institute recommended Autel, I then looked through what they had available and was amazed. I choose this one not just because it had everything I was looking for, but because it had more than I expected. Once I finally had gotten it I almost immediately hooked it up to one of our vehicles and found multiple problems that had been miss during my initial inspection and diagnosis. I couldn't be happier with how simple and easy it is to use this device. It's robust so I'm not at all afraid to drop it. And if I ever need help it has built-in tech support. I do plan on getting the add-ons for this device later do the road like the oscilloscope, something you have to buy as a separate device with a snap-on instead of just a separate addition device you just plug into your existing scanner. Once again I'm very satisfied with it.

Review 2
Not only can I reset my service/oil intervals/lights, perform actuations/etc., but in addition, I can see all the live information in the various presentation types available, and engine parameters that I need to analyze.
The Bluetooth works flawlessly and I really like the quick system response and updates of this new device.
Looking forward to testing and use the available coding capabilities of my Autel MK906BT.
A lot of functionality available for a great price.!!

Review 3
I am only a DIY’er but this product has saved me hundreds of dollars by not having to take it to an expensive mechanic or dealership. I primarily use it on my Saab, so mechanics are getting rarer these days anyway. Does not do everything a tech 2 can do, but more than I expected. Great product.

Review 4
I have recently purchased the MK906BT, so my review is mostly on first thoughts and will update later on. It came nicely packaged and shipping was fast and free. I will go about the bads.The case for the MK906BT is HUGE!!, I own a SnapOn master series 54 inch tool box and it will not fit inside my biggest drawer. AUTEL you guys should look into flattening out the case so it could be stored in its case in a tool box. Having 45 updates when starting the software was kind of a drag, but nothing too serious. Goods, this thing is AMAZING! You get a lot of bang for your buck. Software is simple to use, it feels good in your hands, very similar to a SnapOn versus, looks good too! I have used this on chevys, fords, Lexus and Acura’s so far. I have only came across one problem, of trying to add a key to a mustang, But I think it’s more of the cars fault than the scanner(owner) had a different ecu with tune installed. Overall so far so good.

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