How to solve Autel IM608 Error code: 1401?

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Feedback: Golfstation 2016 Smart Key, try adding a key and it shows that the function is not available, the device says This function is currently not supported! Error Code: 1401. How to Fix Autel IM608 Golf Station 2016 Smart Key Adding Error Code: 1401?

Reason and solution: MQB is no longer supported by Autel. You can contact the dealer and get the CS code. Then use your expert mode to create the merchant key and see if they can help you.
Autel’s technical support replied: Unfortunately, we can no longer calculate for MQB, VW is blocked and limited for third parties. In this case, please request these real estate data from the VW dealer. However, we will try to make this possible in a future version, please see our update notice.
Successful sharing experience: As immo 4 I think go to mqb as soon as you have cs data to make dealer keys, you have to do every step manually. I’m in Texas USA and just made a 2014 Jetta. Must fill out an online form. Call technical support. You will receive a CS number and a PIN.