How to disable key Mercedes Benz W220 S280 by OBD with Autel IM608

How to use Autel MaxiIM IM608 to disable Mercedes Benz W220 S280 2005 lost keys via OBD? Here we have already 2 working keys at hand. And only to disable the lost key.

  • Check Available Key Number
Connect Autel IM608, XP400/ XP400 Pro with OBD, select
IMMO >> Mercedes Benz >> Expert selection >> Key >> IR >> Read key information

Insert 1st working key into XP400 programmer to read.
This key is read as number 1.

Insert the 2nd one into XP400 programmer to read again.
This key is read as number 3.

That means the working keys we have are number 1&3.

Return back to
EIS tools >> Read EIS data >> OBD >> On vehicle >> Auto scan

Current EIS type: W215(K)

Do you want to read the key password by infrared?
It’s no necessary for the moment, press “Cancel”.

Key information was read out.
As you can see, there are 3 used keys. The number 2 key must be the lost one.
All status of keys are working(not disabled).

  • Disable The Lost Key
Go back to
EIS tools >> Disable key >> On vehicle >> Auto scan >> OK >> Selected key number 2, OK

After disabled, the key track possibly cannot be enabled again with this device!
Press “Yes” to continue.

Succeeded to deactivate the key!

Go back to check EIS key information again.
Now the number 2 key is disabled, and cannot use.

This car is safe from the lost key.

Using Autel IM608 + XP400 Pro is supported to disable Mercedes lost key via OBD successfully.