How to Backup & Restore Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS?

If you haven’t backed up your Autel device right now, alarm bells should be going off. Today I’m going to show how to backup Autel Scan Tools, this is going to cover any Autel devices.

It’s not limited to MaxiPro series, whether it’s a MaxiCom or a MaxiSys scanner, the steps are essentially the same. Following I’ll use a Autel MaxiPro MP808TS as demonstration.

Backup & restore is something I would strongly recommend. You’ll need it in case of data loss or if your device gets corrupt and you need to do a factory reset.

For Autel MaxiCOM MK808/ Autel MaxiCheck MX808, their storage capacity is 32G, so you would need a 32G micro SD card. If you use the higher end tools like Autel MaxiCOM MK908P, you’ll need a higher capacity memory card. Some of them go as high as up to 128G or 256G. Just noted to select a appropriate card for your Autel device.

Note: Make sure you’ve downloaded all the updates that you need before processing.

How to backup?
  1. Ensure your Autel tablet is charged, plug cable in to get started;
  2. Put SD card into slot;
  3. ES File Explorer >> Select “Scan” folder >> Copy
external_sd >> Paste >> Select “Apply to all”, overwrite

It starts overwriting... wait copying until 100%
(Copy duration ended under an hour, fast read/write time of SD card would have somthing to do with it)


How to restore?
Hide the box, go to internal_ad, you can copy the new files replace the “Scan”. This way all the updates you’ve done would be restored as against having the apps that come with the device.

For extra insurance you may copy the SD card and dump it in your external hard drive. So you’ll have 2 records of it, in case one gets corrupt. When you’re done, remove the SD card and put it in a safe place.

This is how to backup & restore Autel Diagnostic Tools, any questions please contact us.