How to use Autel MX808 to erase Nissan Engine Fault codes?

Issue:The check engine light on and  flashing in Nissan AD Wagon 2014
Tool option:Autel MaxiCheck MX808
Find out the OBD2 port, then connect it with Autel MX808.
When you hear a buzz noise, it means connection is successful.

Diagnostics >> Nissan >> Manual selection >> Japan >> AD >> VY12 >> 2013/4- >> Yes

Diagnosis >> Control unit >> Engine >> Read codes

There are 2 fault codes: P0300 & P0420.
It is saying there are 9 times multi CYL Misfire and 2 times TW catalyst SYS-B1.

Let’s go back to erase codes.

Ignition on and engine off? Yes

DTCs and freeze data will be deleted.
Press “Yes” to continue.

Codes have been successfully erased.
Return to read codes to verify.
Press “OK”.

Now the check engine light on dashboard has gone!
Everything was done!

This is using Autel MX808 Diagnostic Scanner to reset check engine light for a 2014 Nissan AD Wagon successfully. It is not only a code reader, but also a professional scanner supports full systems diagnoses and as many as 25 special reset services.