Autel MP808TS TPMS Relearn for 2007 Toyota Camry

What’s up, guys? Today I’m going to be relearning the TPMS sensors on a 2007 Toyota Camry with Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS diagnostic tool.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your tires have exactly the pressure as listed. So here it is at 30 psi. That is what I am going to do now, all are good.

Next is to go to the Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS scan tool:

TPMS >> Toyota >> Manual selection >> Camry >> 2006/01-2011/09 (Japan/USA 315MHz)

Right now, let’s start from the front left tire, will trigger all the sensors as I said.

After hearing a beep, that’s registered.

The front right tire is registered as well, so is the right rear tire.

MP808TS scanner tells me that the sensor on the left rear is duplicated. Sensor ID duplication is typically caused by interference. If this occurs, clear progress and reactivate tire sensors.

And the battery is low, I think that’s the reason why we’re having this astronomically high value here. Usually when batteries are low they can send all sorts of false signals.

So I’ll take that as the battery green low what I’ll do now is to read the TPMS values by OBD. Connect the MP808TS scanner to vehicle OBD port, then go to diagnostics.

As you see, there is a discrepancy between the TPMS ID for the left front tire. That is expected because it was just replaced. So I triggered all wheel sensors again. Duplicated sensor IDs can be caused by interference.

Let’s try to relearn now.

Relearn >> OBD Relearn >> I don’t have a spare tire sensor, so press “OK”.

Communicating with the vehicle, please wait...

It will take 30 seconds to unlock ECU(exclusive for Toyota). Please wait...

OBD relearn...

Reading IDs...

Reading codes...

The TPMS warning light is actually off, so press “Yes”>> OK

So that’s pretty much done. Now if I go back to diagnostics, everything is good.

What part of the relearn process which is the last bit says you should test drive the vehicle above 19 mph(30km/h) for at least 10 minutes and verify the TPMS warning light remain off. That is the last step of this.

Note: the light has been off ever since!

Okay, that’s all, the procedure of using Autel MP808TS TPMS tool applies to 2006-2011 Toyota Camry, which can automatically write tire sensor IDs to TPMS ECU via OBD relearn way.