How to use Autel MK808TS to diagnose 2002 Jaguar XJR

Case: 2002 Jaguar XJR is broken, can not star, but the apps and the traction control light came on on the dashboard. Used the  Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS to find out what’s the problem.
Plug the wireless connector into OBD2 port, and turn ignition on, let’s start:
Diagnostics >> Jaguar >> Automatic selection >> Read, OK >> Yes >> Diagnosis

Autel MK808TS starts scanning full systems...
Look at the tablet screen, the ECM module pass, TCM module pass, ABS is failing, there is a fault code.

Wait processing until 100%...

Alright, there is only one fault code in ABS module. Press the arrow to check:
It is C1095: Pump motor circuit failure.
Let me show you, that’s the ABS and traction control module, it is broken. I have to replace the pump motor circuit, or just remove this whole entire module.

I’ll erase the fault codes after everything was done, hopefully all going well.
Thanks to Autel MK808TS Scan Tool, I was able to find out the problem.

It’s really good when you have the Autel MK808TS, especially it is a wireless device. This is an 18 years old car, MK808TS can still diagnose it smoothly. If you have expensive cars or have to work on them likes Jaguar, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes Benz or BMW, MK808TS will be a helpful tool.