How to use Autel MaxiCOM MK808 for Hyundai Accent(RB) ABS brake bleeding

Car model and year: Hyundai Accent(RB) 2017 
Purpose: To do ABS brake bleeding
The tool used: Autel MaxiCOM MK808
Connect Autel MK808 with OBD2 port, press
Service >> Brake bleed >> Hyundai >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Hyundai(Korea) >> Yes

Hot functions >> Brake bleed >> HCU air bleeding mode

  1. Solenoid valve status: closed
  2. Motor pump status: off
When ready, press “OK”.

Now, all normally closed (NC) valves and the pump motor are activating.
Depress the brake pedal to floor. When pump motor activation stops, release the brake pedal. Repeat until the time reaches 60s.

You can hear the sound from brake bleeding...

Please wait...

It has been completed!
Press “OK”.

Hyundai Accent 2017 brake bleeding was successful!

It is very easy and fast to finish with Autel MK808 Diagnostic Tool.
Moreover, MK808 also supports oil reset, SAS calibration, IMMO keys, injector coding, DPF regeneration, etc.
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