Autel Common Troubleshooting

  • Why is the registration unsuccessful? How to troubleshoot unsuccessful registration?

Common errors of unsuccessful registration:
The most common problem is that customers enter the registration code Register Password incorrectly. Many customers enter their login password when registering their ID. In fact, the registration code is a six-digit pure number on the machine's About page.
-------It is best to send us a screenshot of the registration page directly, so that we can clearly see the information you entered, and then we will tell you what you entered incorrectly.

  • The customer said that the fault code was read, but the code could not be cleared:

Our product is to help customers read the fault code and confirm the fault. After that, the customer needs to repair the hardware fault of the car according to the fault code information. After the repair is completed, the code can be cleared, otherwise the fault will always exist, and the code cannot be cleared.

  • What should I do if the machine cannot test the car?

If only a certain function of a certain car prompts that it is not supported or the communication fails, it is likely that the software is not supported or the operation procedure is wrong. It is best to upload the datalog directly to the server, and the R&D engineer directly analyzes the data to solve it. Please note that the uploaded data must indicate the model, model year, VIN code, and problem description. To check the bug resolution status, please tell us the serial number, model and VIN code of the machine that uploaded the datalog.
If all the software on the machine cannot be tested, please directly check the physical connection, especially to check whether the test main line or VCI is OK.
If all models of a certain software cannot be tested, please check the connector of this vehicle, or you can directly reinstall the software.

  • The vehicle cannot communicate, how to troubleshoot whether it is VCI or hardware connection?

First, connect the MaxiSYS host and VCI via USB (usually connected via Bluetooth) to see if they can communicate; secondly, communicate with a few more cars to see the results, and you can also test whether the EOBD software can communicate; finally, change the test main line and VCI Conduct a comparative test.

  • The small product starts up and prompts please obtain authorization, or the SD card does not match:

This kind of problem is generally the language is wrong, or the SD card is wrong (the serial number does not match, for example, the SD card of another machine is taken)

  1. Confirm that the language setting is correct;
  2. Format the SD card with the correct ID (you can find support to query Autel ID) to download the software --- usually formatting or changing the SD card is very effective.
  • For MaxiSYS series system error, how to use MaxiSYS series flash file to flash?

If the MaxiSYS machine prompts some system errors, such as MaxiSYS has stopped, etc., we may suggest that the customer refresh the device (Please ask us for the refresh package).

The steps for the refresh are as follows:

Please uncompress/unzip the files first, copy the folder “autel_factory” or “autel_factory_dev” to an empty TF card. Insert the TF card to the left side slot of Maxisys,  restart the tool to flash the system.

  • How can I get the Log for system errors that are difficult to determine?

For some strange system errors, the engineer will ask the customer to run Maxitools to capture the system log (similar to the datalog in the car software).

The operation method is as follows:

Please restart the scanner to re-produce the problem, once the problem occurred, pls go to the home screen, click on MaxiTools button, click on the Start button, wait for it to finish, then click on Upload to send the log to Autel server. You can try this procedure several times to ensure we receive the complete logs.