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[US Ship No Tax] Original Autel AutoLink AL519 V8.0 OBD2 EOBD Scanner With Enhanced Mode 6 Lifetime Free Update

[US Ship No Tax] Original Autel AutoLink AL519 V8.0 OBD2 EOBD Scanner With Enhanced Mode 6 Lifetime Free Update

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100% Original AutoLink AL519 OBDII/EOBD Scanner supports all 10 modes of OBDII test for a complete diagnosis. Works on ALL 1996 and newer vehicles (OBDII & CAN)

How to update Autel AutoLink AL519

To update your scan tool, you need the following items.
  • AutoLink AL519
  • A PC or laptop with USB ports
  • A USB cable
1) Download the programs in autel websitehttps://www.autel.com/u/cms/www/201910/201922008f6i.zip to be updated to your computer.
2) Run the MaxiLinkII Tool Kit in your computer.
3) Connect the scan tool to your computer through the USB cable provided.
4) From System Setup screen in scan tool, use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select Update Mode, and press the OK button.
5) Select the programs to be updated in your computer. There are two types of programs: operating system and DTC library.
6) Click Update in the MaxiLinkII Tool Kit window to begin updating.

7) During the update procedure, the scan tool displays a message “Update Program. Please wait…”.
8) When the update has finished, the scan tool will display a message “Program Update has been done!”
9) Restart the scan tool to finish the whole update.

NOTE: Please select the bin file to update the operating system.After updating the bin file, please choose the aut file to update the DTC library. Both the bin file and DTC file should be updated. Otherwise, the code reader cannot work properly.When you made a wrong choice and the scan tool is unable to work properly, you may need to update the programs. To hold LEFT scroll button and power on the scan tool, you will enter the Update Mode forcedly. Then follow the update procedure to refresh the program.

How to change the AL519 language by yourself

Step 1: Install the software on your desktop and open it;
Step 2: Open the software and plug the AL519 USB connector into the computer, then open AL519 "Setup" → "Language"
Step 3: Select the machine model on the left and then select the file package you want, first update the "Udate Program", next update the "Update DTC", the same steps,
Step 4: After the above steps are completed, pull out AL519 and plug it in the computer again. Then repeat the second and the third steps. Finally, it is done. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Language file package donload free here: Autel AL519 Feedback:
Excellent product and simple to use for domestic, Japanese, and German cars. Have been using this reader for over 150 cars personally and not in a shop setting.
Easily update scanner database using Autel update client software using Windows desktop or laptop (Win7 Pro 64bit and Win10 Ent 64bit).
Durable thick rubber case and no issues with scanner after dropping multiple times. Heavy-duty connection cables and protected ports.
Recommended simple check English light (MIL) code reader under $80.00. Basic OBD II Check Engine Light (MIL) and I/M readiness status reading are accurate and CAN features are available for import models.
Exactly what I needed to read the codes from our '14 MB G550 and '15 Honda Fit. Tested and the tool communicated with both of these vehicles. Haven't had any issues, but made this purchase to diagnose my cousin's '10 Lexus RX350. It found the fault code and interpreted the fix. Replaced the O2 sensor, cleared the code and all is back to normal.
This Autel 519 cost $74.99. The replacement part (Denso 234-4509 Oxygen Sensor) was $72. My cousin bought the part and split the cost of the Scan Tool. He saved $340 vs. going to the dealer (Lexus labor rate in our area is $125/hr.). They quoted him $450 for parts and labor. Took both of us about 3 hours to do this install plus clean the engine bay, change oil/filter, rotate tires, change the cabin filter, replace the front brake pads and bleed the brakes!!! Although my labor was FREE, we enjoyed the rest of the day chugging down a couple 6-packs of my favorite lite beer!!!!
Seller shipped from TX. as indicated on the listing. Although Prime not mentioned, it arrived in two days!
The AL519 is a few more dollars than Autel's other models, but they won't do the enhanced Mode6 which most new Euro cars now have. Am liking the color-screen and the "beep" function when buttons are depressed.. Gives that "professional" feel when performing diagnostics. Length of the supplied cable is more than enough to comfortably reach from any OBDII port to the driver's seat.
As with most scanners, the operation is similar: without turning over the engine, turn the key to "start" position (or push "start-button" to start mode w/out stepping on the brake) and the Autel starts communicating with the vehicle's CPU once the corresponding button is pressed from the menu!!!
Described as "used-like new". Nevertheless, it came with the original box, instruction manual, storage bag and accompanying cables (2). IMO, this is a new item! The original screen protector still was on the unit. No marks anywhere. It's as if no one even touched it. I highly recommended YIT-BathroomOutlet as one of Amazon's trusted sellers.

UPDATE: Installed LED DRL's for the 2015 Honda Fit and initially used the factory DRL fuse junction (#25). That made all the lights go on and shut down the instrument cluster. The Autel stored the codes and showed U0155 (Lost communication w/ instrument panel Cluster). Erased the code and re-scanned. No more codes and all the yellow warning lights are off. What a time-saver this tool is, plus, saved $'s from going to the dealer to have it diagnosed.
UPDATE 2: Just diagnosed our nephew's 2002 Benz C240 Wagon. It had a check engine light on. Cause faulty gas cap!!!!

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