How to use Autel AL519 to fix Toyota Sienna 2004 CE P0356 Error

Check engine warning light caused by P0356 error:
There is a check engine light coming on the Toyota Sienna 2004 CE, so I wanna use the Autel AutoLink AL519 scan tool to find out why it caused.

Plug the connector into OBD2 port,
Press “OBDII/EOBD” to link vehicle with device.

Autel AL519 will automatically store data from diagnosis last time.
Press “Yes” to erase.
Read codes >> Stored codes

It tells there was a fault code P0356: Ignition coil F, primary/secondary circuit.
So that is why caused check engine light.


Having known the reason, go back to clear codes.
Erase codes >> Yes >> Yes

Erase done!



Solution (what I did for reference)
  1. Remove either the battery terminal positive or negative;
  2. Remove the spark plug 6, you can Google where it is;
  3. Check the connection of coil, make sure it was not cut;
  4. Using brake cleaner to clean spark plug, because dirty smoke won’t make it work well;
  5. Put everything back to original position.

Turn ignition on, the check engine light has gone!
Problem was solved!

Thanks to Autel AL519, I finally found out & solve fault code P0356 for Toyota Sienna, the annoying warning light no more came back again.