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Autel AutoLink AL619 OBDII & CAN Scan Tool Supports Scan  ABS/ SRS/ Airbag/ Warming Light, Live Data, Ready Test

Autel AutoLink AL619 OBDII & CAN Scan Tool Supports Scan ABS/ SRS/ Airbag/ Warming Light, Live Data, Ready Test

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This Autel AutoLink AL619 handheld scan tool is ideal for detecting faults on anti-lock brakes ABS, supplemental restraint systems and airbag systems SRS, and performing OBDII diagnostics. It turns off check engine lights and ABS/SRS warning lights, clears codes, and resets monitors. It also reads, stores, and plays back live PCM data stream and live sensor data.

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Autel AL619 Vehicle Coverage
Autel AutoLink AL619 Supports more than 80 US and all OBD2 protocols, but ABS SRS (Airbag) diagnostics is NOT universally compatible to all vehicles. Please send VIN number to to check compatibility.

*Autel AL619 reviews by Espresso Fan -Great Scanner
Yes, you can use this scanner right away out of the box, however, there have been a ton of updates to the vehicles and models this unit supports since its initial release, including important ABS / SRS codes. The unit you receive may or may not have all "current" updates, so be sure to register and go through the update process.

It's easy to use? Yes, following the included user manual. Does it work? Yes! Did you identify the error code and problem-related to the SRS system on my Nissan? Yes! Am I keeping it? Absolutely! So ... why only 4 stars? You need to register, create an account, and follow some steps to update the software.

A: Connect the Autel AL619 to your vehicle and verify that it is operational
B: Using the AL619 keyboard, navigate through the "About" screen and write down both the serial number of the unit and the password displayed on the screen.
C: Unplug the AL619 from your vehicle

NEXT ... To update the software and firmware of this device, you will need a PC with a USB port and a "Micro SD card reader". If you don't have a Micro SD card reader, they are available here on Amazon. (To update follow the instructions below):

1) Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
2) Open a browser window on your computer and navigate to auteltech_dot_com. Once there, follow the onscreen instructions to register the device and create an account.
3) Next, install the Autel software program on your computer. NOTE: You have two options to install the software. You can use the CD disc that is included with the AL619 ... but you'd better download and install the "Maxi PC Suite" program from the Autels website as it will be the latest and most current version. Just navigate to autel_dot_com_ / download
4) Once you have created your account ... and after you have installed the "Maxi PC Suite" software on your home computer ... remove the Micro PC card from the Autel AL619 (by pressing the edge of the card with your finger nail and it will come out (see attached photos)
5) Insert the Autel Micro SD card into your Micro SD card reader and then insert the Micro SD card reader into a USB port of your computer.
6) Launch the Maxi PC Suite program on your computer (installed through step 3) and wait for the login window to appear.
7) Enter your Autel ID and password you created (via step 2 above) and wait for the Update window to display. If prompted, log into your account.
8) When prompted, enter the serial number and password you registered during First Things First, Step B above (Not your account login password) Click OK to continue.
9) In the Update window, select the items you want to install. It is recommended and beneficial to "Select All" to get all available upgrades, even if you do not own any of the listed vehicles. This way, your scanner is ready for almost any car you want to troubleshoot.
autel al619 update TF card

*Autel AL619 reviews by Mrs. G -I wish I bought it sooner!!!
The "02 Mini Cooper S" airbag light comes on almost every time my seats move. My mechanic, who removed the lights for free, just retired and I heard that dealerships charge about $ 50 to remove the lights. So having used this tool only twice, it has already paid for itself!
Once you figure out where to connect it to your car, it's incredibly easy to use and it cleared the light for me. (I don't know anything about cars so I had to find where the DLC (data link connector) was located in my car)
I am very happy that I purchased this Autolink tool. I should have looked it up sooner. I definitely recommend it !!
Tip: I searched for videos on how to use it. After that, it was surprisingly quick and simple.
A safety precaution from the book, "Do not connect or disconnect any test equipment while the
the ignition is on or the engine is running. "

*Autel AL619 reviews by Todd Dunnavant - Great unit for the price.

I purchased the AL619 specifically to diagnose a problem with the supplemental restraint system on my 2002 Toyota Avalon. The sales experience was excellent (I gave them a separate 5-star rating). I found the device easy to use, with well-written instructions. It took me just a few minutes to diagnose my problem (an airbag sensor) and clear the fault code. Now, drive the car for a bit and see if the trouble signal comes back! Whatever happens, this device protected me from a repair shop claiming that I needed to replace an airbag. Replacing a sensor is so much cheaper! Having this will also allow me to avoid charges of $ 100 each for repair shop diagnostics, every time a check engine light comes on.

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