[Autel update] Adds TPMS Sensor Toyota Sienna, Wrangler, Transit, BAYON, Nissan Kicks 2021-2022

Autel TPMS Updates Now Available at July.2021

Update For MaxiCOM MK808TS, MaxiPro MP808, MX808TS, TS608
Toyota Sienna (2021/01-2021/12) /Jeep Wrangler (2021/01-2022/12)/ Ford Transit (2021/01 -
2021/12)/ Hyundai BAYON (2021/01-2021/12)/Nissan Kicks (2021/01-2022/12)
  • Optimizes Multilingual Texts for 13 Languages including German, French and
Spanish, Improving User Experience
  • Fixes the Problem of Slow Response during TPMS Sensor Trigger for Some Models including GM
  • Fixes OBD Learning Problem for Some Models of Benz, Mitsubishi, etc.
    [Autel update] Adds TPMS Sensor