Autel Diagnosis Update-December 2020

Autel diagnostic tool software & vehicle coverage have been updated in December.2020

Pro series: Autel MaxiPRO MP808, MP808TS, MP808K

908 series: Autel MaxiCOM MK908, MK908P, MS908S Pro.

906 series: Autel MaxiSys MS906, MS906BT.

MX series: Autel MaxiCheck MX808.

Ultra: Autel MaxiSys Ultra

Region Software Make Description Pro Series 908 Series 906 Series MX Series AP200 Ultra
Global DIAGNOSIS Hyunai Version: V3.00 Highlights: 1. Upgrades all models of Hyundai and Kia from 2008  to  2021  in  ten  regions  ,  including  2021 SONATA  (DN8C),  ix35  (Nu),  K5  (DL3C),  the fourth generation of TMC, Fiesta SQ EV, the new TLC, the new generation of ix25 (SU2), plug-in hybrid LFC PHEV, etc. Adds 1090 ECUs, including version  information,  read  codes  ,  clear  codes, freeze frames, live data, active tests, etc. 2. Upgrades special functions created from 2008 to 2021, such as SJB test, variable oil pump test, parameter  setting,  automatic  variable  coding, transmission           learning,           transmission initialization,    DCT    manual    input    function (transmission    replacement),    etc.    Adds    oil pressure characteristic input (A/T replacement) and QR code scanning.          
Global DIAGNOSIS Chrysler Version: V2.50 Highlights: 1. Supports secure gateway unlocking in Europe. Content: 1.   Improves   special   functions   for   all   2019 models,   including   oil   reset,   ABS   emission, throttle matching, mileage reading, etc. 2. Supports diagnostics for 2020 D2-Ram 3500 Pickup,  DJ-Ram  2500,  DS-Ram  1500,  DT-Ram 1500,    JL-Wrangler,    JT-Gladiator,    K8-Grand Commander,   KL-Cherokee,   LX-300,   Charger, Magnum,     LD-Charger,     MP-Compass,     RT- Caravan,    Voyater,    Town    &    Country,    RU- CHRYSLER     PACIFICA,     VF-ProMaster,     WD- Durango and WK-Grand Cherokee.          
Global DIAGNOSIS Toyota Ultra V2.10 1.    Improves    multi-language    support    and updates Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 2. Updates the help information in car selection menu in Italian language.        
Global DIAGNOSIS Toyota Ultra V2.50 1. Optimizes vin code locating in Japan. 2.   Adds   special   functions   such   as   memory relocation and so on for engine of 2018+ PIXIS Truck/Van and adds 87 special functions such as automatic emission and so on for YARIS HV, etc. 3. Supports PROACE models. 4. Optimized Japanese translation.        
Global DIAGNOSIS Suzuki Ultra V2.00 1. Adds Crossby and other 11 models; Supports 14   basic   ECU   functions   such   as   version information, read/clear codes, freeze frame, live data and so on for models up to 2020. 2. Adds 88 new special functions, which covers 100% of commonly used special functions such as  ECM  replacement,  air-fuel  ratio  learning, automatic emission, camera calibration, engine brake adjustment, replacement of high-voltage battery controller, etc. 3.  Adds  78  items  of  active  test  and  optimizes functions of active test and live data. 4.  Optimizes  the  menu  of  car  models   and improves the accuracy of locating.          
Global DIAGNOSIS Nissan Ultra V2.50 Highlights: 1.    Support    online    coding    backup    and restoration of full system and single system. Content: 1. Supports vehicle models up to August 2020. 2. Supports special functions and active tests for 98% models. 3. Upgrades coding and adds RC, SPC and ONC modes.    
Global DIAGNOSIS DAIHATS U Ultra V1.60 Highlights: 1.  Supports  11  basic  ECU  functions  such  as version  information,  read/clear  codes,  freeze frame and live data for Rocky, Grand Max, taft and six other models up to 2021. 2. Adds 103 special functions such as Push type card   key   registration,   Push   type   card   key additional registration and Push type card key delete     registration,     which     covers     100% commonly used special functions and 38 more functions than competing products.          
Global DIAGNOSIS Subaru Version: V2.50 Highlights: 1. Adds 1 new model, 5 new systems, 72 active tests and 50 new customizations. 2. Adds cancel code function. 3.  Adds 4 new energy systems, including auto scan,  read/clear  codes,  freeze  frame,  live  data and active test. 4. Adds 69 special functions.          
Global DIAGNOSIS LandRov er Jaguar Version: V2.50 Highlights: 1.   Adds   functions   of   version   information, read/clear codes, freeze frame and live data for 2020 Defender and other 14 models. 2. Adds function of active test for models after 2018. 3. Adds special functions such as maintenance message     reset,     diesel     particulate     filter replacement,  injector  replacement,  odometer calibration,   height   calibration,   vehicle   reset, transfer    case    replacement,    enable/disable transport   mode,   throttle   actuator   position memory,   retain   first   memory   value   update, camera calibration and so on for models after 2018. 4.    Adds    special    functions    such    as    key programming,     height     calibration,     diesel particulate  filter  replacement,  reset  adaptive value and so on for 2006-2017 models. √ Version number : V8.50 (2021- 1-20) √ Version number: V8.50 (2021- 1-20) √ Version number: V8.50 (2021- 1-20) √ Version number: V2.00 (2021-1- 30)   √ Version number: V2.50 (2020- 12-30)
Global DIAGNOSIS Mazda Version: V3.50 Highlights: 1. Adds diagnostic function for 2019-2020 Mazda3 and 2020 CX-30. 2. Adds special functions such as DPF regeneration, ABS emission, PCM learning value reset, sensor initialization, ADAS calibration and so on for 2019-2020 Mazda3 and 2020 CX-30. √ Version number : V7.60 (2021- 1-30) √ Version number: V7.60 (2021- 1-30) √ Version number: V7.60 (2021- 1-30)     √ Version number: V3.50 (2021-1- 10)
Global DIAGNOSIS Gm Version: V3.00 Highlights: 1. Adds Repair Assist function for 2010-2019 Chevrolet Cruze models. Content: 1. Adds   Repair Assist function for 2010-2019 Chevrolet Cruze models. 2. Fixes some software issues.          
Global DIAGNOSIS BMW3 Series Version: V4.20 Highlights: 1. Supports display of wiring diagrams, help files, DTC analysis and so on in intelligent diagnostics to precisely locate and efficiently solve vehicle problems.